mlMac 0.7.5

Autosufficient mlnet client


  • Set custom platform for .ini and temp folders


  • No longer in development

Not bad

mlMac is a GUI for the MLDonkey multi-platform, multi-protocol.

mlMac manages the daemon which handles updates in MLDonkey for you. Advanced users will be glad to know they can choose a custom folder for the .ini files and temp folder, and can also connect to a distant daemon.

mlMac's interface is simple and display both your downloads and uploads. You can also immediately see the bandwidth rates for both of them.

The basic playback functions (play, pause, stop) will allow you to handle each individual download and upload.

mlMac includes a quick search and filter to better organize and manage your searches.

mlMac is unfortunately no longer in development. Although it looked promising, no new improvements or fixes are to be expected.

This could have been an interesting MLDonkey client, unfortunately it is no longer being developed.

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mlMac 0.7.5

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